Saturday, June 21, 2008


I called Chris the other day. I broke down and did it. It’s been over a year since we’ve hooked up, but I figured all I was doing was punishing myself by not calling him. And so it’s done. He was out of the office Thursday and Friday, but he promptly returned my message. (Nice to see I haven’t lost my touch.)

He said he would call on Monday to set up a time when he can come for a visit this week.

And so says the magnet on my fridge: “Waiting for the right guy. Meanwhile, having fun with the wrong ones.”

Friday, June 20, 2008

Surgery was a Success

I had my surgery last week and was pleasantly surprised at how little pain I was in. I had no abdominal pain, only shoulder and chest. Weird, I know, right? They told me to expect it, that they filled my belly with gas so they had room to move the instruments around and when the gas dissipates, it would move up my body and lodge in my shoulders. And that's what happened.

And the surgery was a success -- there was some endometriosis on my right tube and they were able to get all of it. I got my stitches out last week and the best news -- my Mickey Mouse tattoo survived with being cut. :)

It's all systems go with my next cycle. And mind over matter, I know this time it will work. I've done everything possible for it to take.

Here we go again.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sports and the Single Girl

I don't usually write about sports, but a few things have happened in the past few days that need commenting on.

The Belmont and Big Brown's bust -- I don't usually subscribe to conspiracy theories at all. I believe, that for the most part, 99% of the time, sports are on the up and up, and games, matches, races, et al are not fixed. However....with no apparent injury to Big Brown, isn't it just possible that the trainer took a bribe to have Big Brown not win the Triple Crown?

The passing of Jim McKay -- before cable TV and ESPN, before the internet and instant access to ever imaginable sporting contest, I had two things that I looked forward to on Saturdays. The Saturday game of the week (baseball) with Vin Scully and Joe Garagiola, and ABC's Wide World of Sports. If you are a child of the '70s or earlier, how can you not hear in your head, "spanning the globe....the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat" and then see that skier totally wipe out at the bottom of the ramp?! It was this sports fan only way to get sports on a regular basis, other than reading my Sports Illustrated every week.

I had the opportunity to meet Jim McKay just once when I lived in Baltimore. It was at the Orioles press conference when they announced Mike Hargrove as their new manager. There were far more important people in the room than me, but he took the time to say hello, shake my hand, and ask me what was going on that Museum. He was a gentleman, through and through.

Ken Griffey Jr hitting his 600th home run -- Fifteen years ago, he was the heir apparent to breaking Hank Aaron's record. And then his career was injury ridden. He was on the DL for more games than he played in some seasons. But he never lost his sweet swing, he never lost his joy for the game, or that infectious smile. When other players were taking steroids to help them recovery from injury, "not to get an advantage over other players," they rationalize, there was Jr. Griffey sucking up his recovery, his rehab, and losing valuable games, at bats and youth.

Six hundred home runs over the span of his career. A career without steroids, without even the hint of scandal. The 600-home run club should only be Ruth, Aaron, Mays and Griffey. The names of Bonds and Sosa taint it, for sure.

But thinking about what Junior accomplished in his career -- drug-free -- only makes what Ruth, Aaron and Mays (things that most of us can only read about or see precious few highlights of) all the more amazing. If it were easy, there'd be more men in that club, and if it were easy, Sammy and Barry would have been able to do it without drugs. But we'll never know.

And so for me, the 600 home run club is about four men, not six. It's about when the game was pure, and when the game was fun. And when hitting 600 home runs was a milestone to be celebrated, not something that this generation of sports fans has already seen twice before last night's accomplishment.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Mickey Might Have to take a Bullet

I went for my pre-op appointments this morning. Blood work and lots of paperwork at the hospital, and then an exam with the doctor.

She was explaining where she will be making the incisions on my stomach -- along my belly button, and one, possibly two, small incisions on my lower abdomen, to the side. Which, one my right side, is the exact location where my Mickey Mouse tattoo is. Dr. M. said that if she only needs to make one cut, she'll do it from the left, but if she has to make two, then Mickey will have a little scar. she said she'll try to make him look tough.

I go from having waves of being nervous to being totally fine. Not nervous about what she'll find, or the pain I'll be in when I wake up, but more silly nervousness about the whole surgery thing itself.